Regarding the huge feminist movement sweeping the internet.

There has been one thing that has been popping up more and more often all over the news and social networking websites and that is feminism.

While I have no problem with women fighting for equal rights as men, it has come to my attention that, like everything else on the internet, feminism comes with a fair share of ignorant, hating people. I am talking about the feminists in this case.

For a long time, feminists have been stereotyped as man hating, whinging, armpit hair growing… (the list goes on). Now feminist issues are being raised more than ever before and when I look at comments and attitudes of some man and women who comment on these issues, they really don’t come across as any better than misogynistic men, and to be honest it is not really helping with the stereotypes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against feminists, I just think some people are supporting it in the wrong way and I think some of their views are wrong. I would like to touch on some these. Please note before reading that if you don’t hold the views I am about to rant about, then my words aren’t directed at you, but feel free to read on!

The first thing that comes to mind is the hate against men. It’s not uncommon to see women say things such as ”All men are pigs”. I do not think this one requires much explanation. People shouldn’t generalize but of course they do. It is very easy to generalize without looking at the big picture and doing some reasoning. I see this far too often which is disappointing. Surely you have been outside and met decent men sometime during your life.

Another problem I have is the complaint of verbal street harassment. You may have seen some viral videos circulating around the internet of ‘social experiments’ where women walk around a city and men are documented verbally abusing them. Some of these videos seem to be very greatly edited and set up, but that is a different story. While in some instances, they are actually being verbally harassed, some people are starting to consider wishing someone a nice day verbal harassment. This is ridiculous. Sure, you may say that some men are only saying it because it’s an attractive woman they’re looking at, but must we instantly assume ill intentions of people? There are plenty of people who have say hi or nod or acknowledge the presence of others in activities as simple as a walk in the park. We must consider carefully what actually constitutes verbal harassment instead of looking at every approach as a guy wanting to hit on women.

Some people like to call men ignorant and oblivious to the things that are happening to women. You know what? You’re right. I was born a man, not a woman, and as a man, I experience sexism against men, not sexism against women. Telling guys to know what sexism against women is like is like me telling other races to know what its like to be negatively stereotyped as an Asian male. It is very hard to empathise with someone without being able to relate to their experiences. Most people don’t even care. We don’t experience things females experience on a day to day basis, so please allow us to learn of the problems women face first.

If people go about promoting feminism in a better manner and preventing people from having ignorant views like those mentioned above, I think more people will support the case. Let me know if you agree/disagree or if you have anything to add in the comments!